School Site Support

At the heart of the Fresno Unified School District’s operational excellence lies the invaluable Field Tech Team. With unwavering commitment, they deliver essential technical support to all 105 schools, empowering educators to utilize cutting-edge resources and technology in the classroom. As a pivotal component of the Leaner Support Department, their proficiency not only streamlines daily operations but also paves the way for educational innovation and growth across the entire district.

  • Gregory Chapman – Manager I
    • Quinton Callicott – TSS II
    • Daniel Guerrero – TSS II
    • Robert Ward – TSS II
    • Alfonso Pajader – TSS I
    • Clifford Eastman – TSS I
    • Glen Quinto – TSS I
    • Jason Xiong – TSS I
    • Javier Soto – TSS I
    • Jorge Orozco Jr. – TSS I
    • Marcel Vang – TSS I
    • Miguel Contreras – TSS I
    • Patrick Seng – TSS I
    • Paul Thirlwall – TSS I
    • Thao Moua – TSS I

Family Learning and Technology Support (FLATS)

The Family Learning and Technology Support Team (FLATS) stands as a cornerstone within the Learner Support department, providing indispensable assistance to the student population enrolled in the district’s 1-to-1 device program. Through their unwavering dedication, FLATS ensures that each student has the necessary tools and guidance to harness the full potential of technology for their educational journey. By empowering students and families alike, this team plays a pivotal role in fostering digital literacy and enhancing the overall learning experience for all members of the Fresno Unified School District community.

  • Jeffrey Solano – Manager I
    • Andrew Bounkhoune – TSS II
    • Ashley Garza – TSS I
    • Julynn Xiong – TSS I
    • Padao Her – TSS I
    • Andrea Ovalle – Help Desk Support
    • Elizabeth Guzman – Help Desk Support
    • Kimbrely Logue – Help Desk Support
    • Stephanie Gonzalez – Help Desk Support
    • Amesha Ayers – CSR
    • Celina Rubio – CSR
    • Claudia Alveres-Arevalos – CSR
    • Emely Jarquin – CSR
    • Emily Xiong – CSR
    • Ethan Ceballos – CSR
    • Meagan Evans – CSR

Support Experience Team

At the core of the Learner Support department, the Support Experience Team serves as an indispensable backbone for the Fresno Unified School District’s technological ecosystem. With their unwavering commitment and expertise, they tackle the diverse technology demands across the district, ensuring a seamless and productive experience for all users. By providing timely assistance and innovative solutions, the Support Experience Team plays a crucial role in nurturing a technologically empowered educational community, facilitating growth, and embracing the transformative power of technology in education.

  • Ricardo Aguliar – Manager I
    • James Herrin – Systems Administrator
    • Pao Moua – TSS III
    • Steven Mirzai – TSS II
    • Christopher Cantu – TSS I
    • Kongtsu Tahozaochay – TSS I
    • Martina Porras – TSS I
    • Natalie Vang – TSS I

Hardware and Imaging

The Hardware and Imaging Team, an integral component of the Learner Support department, plays a crucial role in the entire lifecycle of every device within the Fresno Unified School District. From the initial imaging and deployment of devices to their eventual end-of-life, this team excels in managing and maintaining technology. Their exceptional skills in handling each stage ensure the seamless functioning of devices in classrooms, empowering educators and students to make the most of technology throughout their educational journey. The Hardware and Imaging Team’s expertise and efficiency are invaluable assets that drive the district’s technological reliability.

  • Justin Garrard – Coordinator II
    • Dennis Gonzalez – TSS III
    • Manuel Margain IV – TSS II
    • David Vang – TSS I
    • Francisco Lemus – TSS I
    • Iwan Gunawan – TSS I
    • Jose Magana Cortez – TSS I
    • Rolando Cabrera – TSS I
    • Sothy Lean – TSS I
    • Thomas Carter II – TSS I
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