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Tips for Ente​ring Your Username

  • ​​​Make sure to distinguish between letters and numbers: I = Capital letter i or lowercase L, 1 = number, O = letter, 0 = number
  • Parent Usernames usually consist of the first 4 letters of a students name, an additional letter​, and a combination of 1-3 numbers: Example: Student name = Jonas Smith; Parent username might look like this =  jonak12​​
  • Passwords will always contain numbers and letters with ONE capital letter on the second word: Example: goofy123Cow

Who do I contact for my username and password?

Ask your student’s teacher (K-6), school librarian (grades 7-12)​, or office staff.

What do I do if I can’t remember my username or password?​

Ask your student’s teacher (K-6), school librarian (grades 7-12), or school office staff to help with a password reset.​​

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